Damned dogs damned dogs

Sorry to hear about your problems with barking dogs. In my experience Madeira isn't any worse than the rest of Southern Europe where dogs tend to be kept outside, possibly due to the warm weather. As is usually the case, dogs bark when someone walks past their home, and in Funchal there are also a few loose dogs who set off the pets as they pass, which then sets off other dogs in the area - it can be a never ending cycle of barking.

I hate those things. They're mean bastiages on their best days, and down here they're one of the main vectors for rabies, so a wise man runs from them, dignity be damned. And then there's the stench. I remember back in the seventies, when they still had pet stores in the mall, pet skunks were all the rage. Oddly enough, that fad didn't last long. I wonder why?  Anyway, shoot the damn things. They say tomato juice gets the stench out, but I don't know whether that's an old wives tale or not. Good luck and be careful. Don't get bitten.

Damned Dogs Damned DogsDamned Dogs Damned DogsDamned Dogs Damned DogsDamned Dogs Damned Dogs