Rock'n'roll class only rock'n'roll class

In 1969, Lennon composed the song " Come Together " [1] for the Beatles ' album Abbey Road . Inspired by the Chuck Berry tune " You Can't Catch Me ", [2] it bore too much of a melodic resemblance to the original—and Lennon took the third line of the second verse ("Here come old flat-top") for the new lyric. [1] Publisher Morris Levy brought a lawsuit for infringement, [2] [3] and the case was due to be heard in a New York court in December 1973. It was later settled out of court, with the agreement that, according to an announcement by Levy, Lennon had to "record three songs by Big Seven publishers on his next album". The songs [he] intends to record at this time are "You Can't Catch Me", " Angel Baby " and " Ya Ya "." Lennon had the right to change the last two songs to any other songs that were published by Big Seven. [2] In the meanwhile, Lennon had split with Yoko Ono and was living in Los Angeles with his personal assistant, May Pang . [4] Nostalgia was a popular trend on film with American Graffiti , and television was readying the series Happy Days (Lennon and Pang had even visited the set). [5] Lennon, rather than writing his own songs, and partly inspired by his arrangement to include at least three songs from Levy's publishing company catalogue, Big Seven Music, decided to record an album of oldies as his next release, following on from Mind Games . [2]

The most famous, and ecstatic, sequence in “Wayne’s World” consists of nothing more than the pie-eyed metal-head stoners Wayne (Mike Myers) and Garth (Dana Carvey), along with a few pals, rocking out to “Bohemian Rhapsody” in their car, singing and playing air guitar, air drums, air everything. Queen’s legendary art-rock epic is, of course, one of the most eccentric songs in rock history: a lyrical heavy-metal suite that’s at once a ballad, a modernist opera, and a head-banging orgy. Yet the weirdest thing about it is that a song that takes enough twists and turns to make “Stairway to Heaven” sound like “Tutti Frutti” could ever have become an anthem for teenagers. The “Wayne’s World” sequence captures, as nothing else in movies has, the inner credo of every bedroom head-banger: “I play along, therefore I am.”

$ gets you:
-A pupusa of your choice:
-Bean and Cheese
-Revuelta (a mixture of cheese, beans, and this week I’ll have
-Curtido (Salavdoran slaw)
-Salsa de tomate (spiced up tomato sauce)

Rock'n'Roll Class Only Rock'n'Roll ClassRock'n'Roll Class Only Rock'n'Roll ClassRock'n'Roll Class Only Rock'n'Roll ClassRock'n'Roll Class Only Rock'n'Roll Class